Get More Online Reviews For Your Business

There are three methods for getting more online reviews. You can ask for reviews, send an email, or send a text message. In today’s digital age, the best method is a mix of all three, but if we had to choose one, text is best.

Asking for Reviews

Its all in the presentation. After providing your customers with an awesome experience, ask them to give you feedback.

Text Messaging

Sending customized text messages, requesting a review for your business gets the best return of any other method by far.


Uncomfortable with text messaging? Send customized emails to your customers – it’s a non-invasive method and can have great results.

Fully Responsive Desktop . Tablet . Mobile

Our platform is “Responsive” (Mobile-Ready) so business owners and reviewers can use any Internet-connected device.

Review Manager is a simple, yet comprehensive system that allows business owners and organizations proactively collect and use feedback from clients, customers and patients across the biggest review platform on the Internet.

Our review reporting and monitoring will keep you on top of your online reviews.

Send Text Requests

It’s a fact that 97% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes. That’s why text messaging is the best method for requesting a review for your business.

Send Email Requests

Sending review requests via email makes it easy for your customers to share their experiences across the top review sites by prompting them with easy-to-follow instructions.

Filter Negative Reviews

Review Manager will automatically filter negative reviews that your customers submit, store them and send them to you without displaying them online.

Mobile Apps Send Requests via Mobile

Have employees out in the field not tied to a computer? Our apps allows them to send review requests from their mobile phone or tablet.

Our pricing is simple:

Free Trial

$ 0 /mo

30 Day Free Trial
No Credit Card Required
Send Text Message & Email Requests
Maximum of 20 Review Requests
Negative Review Filter
View Review Profiles
Analytics / Conversion Tracker

Premium Plan

$ 49 /mo

Send Text Message & Email Requests
Monthly Price is Per Location
750 Requests a Month
Negative Review Filter
View Review Profiles
Analytics / Conversion Tracker
Online Support
No Contract

Managing Online Reviews Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Review Manager tracks your online profiles on Google, Facebook and Yelp. Having a central location to see the overall health of your business reviews can help in many ways. Knowledge is half the battle with making informed decisions about what is best for your organization.

Get More Online Reviews For Your Business

Turn Happy Customers Into 5 Star Reviews

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